JEEPING Colorado & Utah! 2010 but ready to go again!

Planning another JEEP trip with several other JEEPERS this summer! We love to go were no jeep has gone before…. at least this jeep! We will be hanging with at least 4 other jeeps, along with our good friend, and expert jeeper Dan Peterson. Dan has been to most of the places before, but this year we are going to try some trails and passes that will be new to all of us! Seeing the old mining towns, stopping whenever you feel the need to take a picture, or have a snack, and exploring all the old mining towns, buildings and reading about how they grew and eventually faded is one of the most thrilling adventures I have ever been on. I will surely have a long story about this trip, and our previous trips.

With the pictures, it should make you want to take a ride yourself sometime… Click on the pic and see several photos from our 2010 trip. I cannot wait to get back up in the clouds!!

On this trip, the only thing I shot was LOTS of Pictures!

  • JEEPING Colorado & Utah! 2010 but ready to go again!

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