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BeckyLouHatbloBecky Lou Lacock spent most of her life as an entrepreneur successfully owning several retail businesses. Fishing has always been on her agenda, but her shooting and hunting adventures began in 2000 when she attended a B.O.W. Workshop and took an intro class for shooting shotguns. Later that same year she met her husband who introduced her into extensive shooting activities and hunting which swung the door wide open to the great outdoors, with many doors of adventure and opportunity to follow. Starting relatively late in life, her newfound passion dominates her every thought, with her excitement and enthusiasm spilling out onto everyone around her. Born and raised in Louisiana, now residing in Texas she actively hunts year round across the nation, including but not limited to deer, turkey, wild hogs, ducks, aoudad, some upland bird hunting and never missing a chance to do her part in helping manage the over population of various predators where needed. Sport shooting is also on her agenda with friendly competition shoots across the nation for Cowboy Action Shooting, including 3 guns and timed stages. On the range she is known as “Sassy Bandit” registered S.A.S.S. alias, it should ring a bell to fans of the Legendary Lonesome Dove Western Series. Spending most of her life indoors, and the feeling of her breakout into the outdoors, the excitement is still fresh in her mind and entrenched into her heart, determined to seek and experience all the adventures she has missed, and share them with others. She is keenly aware that many women don’t realize what they are missing, and are hesitant to consider most outdoor sports simply because they do not have three very critically important things;

1.) Information, 2.) Encouragement 3.) Inspiration.

With her newly defined purpose in life and her entrepreneurial spirit in full swing, Becky Lou works diligently to provide these three things to women across the world using all platforms made available to her. She is noted in the industry for her passionate efforts to inspire and encourage women to experience outdoor activities by speaking and volunteering for women’s groups and educational programs across the nation. With a firm belief of educating women and a motto of “Let No Woman be Left behind” she participates, promotes and organizes female group activities and hunts across the country. She works diligently to provide resources and opportunities for women of all levels of physical and financial capabilities. You can find opportunities here on Becky Lou Outdoors Calendar of Events, and she has also founded a casual Group on Facebook “A Girls Hunt Out” which will include activities from around the world specific to women.

Over time Becky Lou has established and maintained many professional relationships in the industry. As a professional freelance writer, she has been published by media outlets in print and online including InterMedia Outdoors’ Game & Fish Magazine / Sportsman Magazine & Beginning in 2010 she has made several television appearances, co-hosting and guest appearances all representing women in the outdoors in a very positive, respectful and professional manner. She has continued to appear on various productions each year, one of the highlights being featured on the award winning show “Benelli on Assignment” Outdoor Channel for one of Benelli’s first all women’s hunts.

Becky Lou works closely with many companies that support her efforts and many others per her request. She also serves on staff for a few select companies including Prois Hunting Apparel for Women, Commando Call Products, Trophy Bag Koolers , Watson Airlock, Hammer Time Wildlife Attractants, Contributor for and Hunt Coordinator for DIVA Women Outdoors Worldwide

A personal word or two from Becky Lou ~~

Born and raised in Louisiana, my Outdoor adventures began just a short time ago, with a weekend workshop, B.O.W. ‘Becoming an Outdoors Woman’ in the Spring of 2000. This program is implemented nationwide by the State Wildlife Resources Agency of that specific state. In Louisiana the coordinating agency is the Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries Educational Dept. Being invited by a very good friend Jenny Gil, I was feeling a slightly adventurous and chose the class “Intro to Shotgun” as one of my 4 workshops for the weekend.  I had never had the opportunity to shoot guns, and decided that this would be the perfect place to give it a shot! The course required a detailed Firearm Safety course held in a classroom the day before with access to various guns for some “hands on” instruction before firing. I was very anxious the day of shooting, but as it unfolded surprisingly well! With patient expert instructors by my side, helping to muffle the voices inside of me shouting NO! NO! You’re a Girl! Its gonna hurt! Despite the voices in my head, I took the first shot, and  with the second shot I hit the clay target! I was thrilled and absolutely loved the feeling of empowerment! One of the instructors, Roger Crawley remembers my surprised excitement to this day. After that experience,  igniting my passion for Shooting, the rest is history!   I have always loved to fish, sharing many hours with the only outdoor influence in my life growing up, my mother Tommie Lou. She and I spent many hours in the Freshwater Marshes of SW Louisiana, searching for that elusive HOG (Large Mouth Bass) but also pulling in huge Redfish, Speckled trout & Flounder in and around the southern salt water lake “Big Lake”. I always joke that we had to use our running lights to get out to the fishing spots, and we also had to use them to return back to the launch, as we would spend all of the precious daylight fishing hard. The days were always too short. That was the limit to any outdoor activity for me, but shortly after my “Shooting Incident” I met my husband Lou, who encouraged and inspired me to try shooting guns for sport, and later introduced me into hunting. My first successful hunt happened during a West Texas whitetail hunt, at which point my life took a drastic turn from inside to “EXTREME OUTSIDE”!!

Without a doubt, I am all girl,  I don’t like bugs, critters, or Snakes, but because of my willingness to Take a Chance, I have learned that a little DIRT..or even or a TICK will not keep me from this new adventure!

I have since coined this phrase hoping to inspire and encourage women into shooting guns.

“Shooting… It may be for you, or it may not, but it’s definitely worth a Shot!”


Calling in a Gobbler for my Grandson Keaton Spring 2012
Spring 2011 Below: Calling in a Hill Country Gobbler for my grandson Keaton. Despite the “Sweet Talk” CHP Pot Call, none of the Gobblers came within range. But we had a wonderful time on Keaton’s first hunt!

With the first hunt of my life being shortly after the workshop, I understand first hand the skepticism that some women have to step outdoors, and I believe that most women just need to be aware of the resources readily available to them, along with a little pinch of encouragement. I have been fortunate to have both, for without it I would not be doing what I am today.

 With great encouragement from Greg Martin of one of the first online magazines, RealHuntersJournal,  I began writing, and attending industry shows such as Shot Show, ATA, NWTF, and others to review the latest and greatest products in the industry. I met several wonderful people, and began to realize that the people behind the products, TV shows, and outfitters were just down home people, real people just like me! I think of it as a large family, and like most, they may not always agree on every method, design, or camo pattern, but they all share a common dream, and ultimately have the same goal, making that dream a reality for the rest of the world. I have been blessed with a lot of energy and enthusiasm that just seems to spill out onto everyone around me, I love people and Lord only knows how I like to talk, and over the past few years I have been encouraged to take more of an active part to promote women in the outdoors. I was invited on several exciting hunts to experience many new adventures, and share them. With a style all my own, I have really enjoyed writing. Loaded with lots of adventure and information to share, I was encouraged to start my own website in 2009, . I am blessed to receive requests to attend seminars, workshops and for my excitement and sharing my story in the industry’s effort to inspire women into the outdoors! I have had some spectacular opportunities to work with some fabulous people on and off the television screen! I am hoping that I can inspire women into the outdoors and show them that, If I can do it…. you can to! With a firm commitment to share my experience and inspire women, I have the mindset of “Let No Woman be Left behind”! I participate, promote and organize female group activities and hunts across the country. I work diligently to seek and provide resources and opportunities for women of all levels of physical and financial capabilities. You can find opportunities here on Becky Lou Outdoors Calendar of Events, and I have also founded a casual Group on Facebook called “A Girls Hunt Out” which will include activities from around the world specific to women.

One of the the highlights of my television video career was a hunt I attended with several other women for an episode of “Benelli on Assignment”–Outdoor Channel with host Joe Coogan of Benelli USA. It was truly a wonderful experience with some really great people! This was the first time this ranch had ever hosted a group of girls, pulled off as a huge success, providing 2 exciting episodes for BOA! Truly an epic experience for all involved. I was featured hunter for one of the episodes, and you can see the entire incredible episode here! Benelli On Assignment with Becky Lou Lacock I have many dear friends in the industry, some touting their own television shows promoting women in the outdoor industry. There is Jana Waller of “Skull Bound TV” on Sportsman Channel, Stacy Sissney of His & Hers Outdoors TV on Pursuit Channel. These shows are an absolute MUST SEE for women currently or contemplating involvement in the outdoors. I am so blessed to be surrounded by these passionate and sincere souls!

I began contributing content for many more websites and very honored to have written a review for women’s gear for InterMedia Outdoors both online and published in print for nationwide Game & Fish and also Sportsman magazines.

Although I am willing to do try most anything, I am constantly reminded that I am a girl first, and a hunter second. I have appropriately trademarked the phrase, “Camo can be Classy”TM in an effort to reach out to women like me that are 110% all girl, but can enjoy the outdoors to whatever level we desire, thinking outside the box of conceived limitations!

Again I have been very fortunate and I am very Thankful for so many things that have happened along the way. I have grown to believe that if you turn it over to God, He will hold your hand and walk with you,  or if necessary He will carry you through! I thank him everyday for a the blessings he continues to give.

I hope to provide some information, encouragement and inspiration for women to get out in the Great Outdoors. It has made such a difference in my life, and I truly believe that I am Happier and Healthier because of it!

Remember —If you Love Life, it will Love you back!



My GrandsonKeaton drags his fish in while my son BJ has "landed" his!
My Grandson Keaton reels his fish in, while my son BJ has already landed his! It was a great day with my boys!

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