2014 1ST Annual Wonderful Whitetail Hunt for Women!

The “1st Annual Wonderful Whitetail Hunt for Women” with Mike Wheeler of Wheeler’s Whitetails was an awesome success! There were 4 huntresses on this trip with Ruth Cusack traveling from Alaska; JoAnn Conley hailing from Arkansas; and Maria Dupertuis coming all the way from Wyoming to meet Becky Lou in Mound City Kansas. Mike manages approximately 8,500 acres sprinkled across the region about 70 miles SW of Kansas City, KS and our hopes were high! The weather was mild and dry, unseasonably warm for this time of year in Kansas, but the action started right away! Becky Lou putting down the first buck at first light on the first day, with Ruth slamming her monster 20 minutes later!

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JoAnn Conley’s beautiful wide buck on the second day @ Wheeler’s Whitetails in Kansas

That afternoon JoAnn Conley got a very nice wide 8 point! 3 for 3 on the first day was unprecedented for Wheeler’s Whitetails! It is after the main rut, and into the 2nd wave so the bucks http://onhealthy.net were still looking to get lucky.. 🙂 Maria hunted archery in a beautiful lush area in Missouri, a quick 20 minute drive from camp, and after missing a buck on the last night, she would be the only huntress unable to make the “connection” on this hunt. It Would have been great to have a full house, but as we all know archery is more challenging, but happy to report there were 4 for 4 opportunity! We are planning the 2nd Annual Wonderful Whitetail Hunt for Women, so watch for the event on Girls Hunt Out Facebook Group, the dates for tag application will be April 1 – April 25 for 100% draw. Contact Becky Lou BeckyLou Outdoors or Mike Wheeler @ Wheeler’s Whitetails for more information. See details for 2015 Dec hunt here:


Looking at the past hunt and here is to the 2nd Annual Wonderful Whitetail Hunt for Women @ Wheeler’s Whitetails!

HUGE THANKS to Sponsors for providing Goodies for the Girls!

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