Becky Lou Lacock named DIVA-WOW Hunting Liason


I am very honored to be working with Judy Rhodes founder of DIVA-WOW (Women Outdoors Worldwide) and her fearless team as the Hunting Liaison!  As most of you know, my passion is introducing women into the outdoor activities focused on hunting and shooting sports. Judy has the same selfless attitude and unbridled passion to share our adventures with other women and have lots of fun in the process! As the oldest and largest outdoor women’s outdoor organization in the world, I am looking forward to meeting all the DIVA’s and hoping to share hunting camp with many of them soon! Having met Judy over the years with brief casual encounters, I was excited to have her join us on the Terrific Teal Hunt in Louisiana in Sept. 2014 and get to spend some quality time.  I had always been drawn to her and the way she can make you feel special and make you laugh till your sides hurt! She is the real deal and I am looking forward to working with her to provide DIVA’s with more fun and hunts for the coming 2015 year!

Check out DIVA-WOW and all the wonderful things they do across the nation including but not limited to beginner classes for shooting, advanced learning for firearms, hunting and fishing.

Judy and I have the same mission in life, and that “No Woman be left behind”. I believe this was a match made in Heaven!


Read all the details here on Women’s Outdoors News:

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