2014 – 1st Annual “Great Gobblers Almighty” Kansas Hunt

MAY 2014 – The #GirlsHuntOut for Turkey in Kansas was Terrific and here are the photos to prove it!! (Click the Pic for the rest of the story)


CLICK on the PIC for more photos from the 2014 1st Annual Kansas Turkey Hunt for Women (L-R) Kara Jo Lorenz, Elizabeth, Stacy Sissney of His & Hers Outdoors TV, Ruth Cusack of The Adventures of Louis & Ruth Cusack, and Becky Lou of Becky Lou Outdoors (MIA is the cute Kerry Kemper who had to leave early that morning before this photo op!)

This was Mike Wheeler’s first time to bring a group of women into camp, and was considered more of a test run, but after everyone having a terrific time including Mike’s lovely wife Stephanie Wheeler, and his adorable son Kolbe,, it has been determined that this hunt will now officially be referred to as the “The First Annual Kansas Turkey Hunt for Women @  Wheeler’s Whitetails” as Mike has decided that women are serious about hunting, and they are much more fun! He has agreed to host more women’s hunts in the future, so keep your eyes peeled! Next up we have a Whitetail hunt on the books for December 2014, Check for details and availability here: 2014 Wonderful Whitetail Hunt for Women. and for 2015 Spring there will be 2 Turkey Hunts, check here for details: 2015 2nd Annual Great Gobblers Almighty Kansas Turkey Hunt.
The women along on this maiden turkey hunt included ~ Kara Jo Lorenz coming from Oklahoma ~~ Kerry Kemper from right down the road in Kansas ~~ Ruth Cusack of Adventures of Louis & Ruth Cusack flying in from ALASKA ~~ Stacy Sissney ‘Host of His & Hers Outdoors TV’ joined by her cameraman/host/husband Jon Sissney driving in from Oklahoma and a First Time Hunter traveling from Texas Elizabeth.Babaian-Kibala! I always love having a first time hunter, and this time was a treat because she got 2 GREAT GOBBLERS!!!) This group was perfectly proportioned with experienced, moderate and newbies and we all learned from each other! We all had a BLAST, Actually several blasts, as there were 8 turkeys taken that included 1 bearded hen by Kara!!

I had previously hunted with Mike @ Wheeler’s Whitetails for whitetail archery last November 2013 invited by The www.Limbsaver.com crew. Out of 8 hunters, all had opportunity for 130 – 175 bucks but only 1 closed the deal. The bucks are definitely there! This was my first Turkey hunt in Kansas and it was a treat for all of us! Mike was born and raised in this area and knows every inch like the back of his hand. I truly believe that after these experiences that there are few guides that put in the effort and have the passionate commitment that each hunter in the lodge having a successful hunt and best experience overall. There is no slack in camp with Mike in command. He is serious when it comes to the hunt, because your success is his success and he takes it all to heart. You can stay in the blinds for however long you want to be there, and he makes sure that you are familiar with the surroundings, and with a trail cam or two at each location you will have some idea what to expect. Mound City is a small community surrounded by some of the most beautiful countryside of rolling hills and creeks and Mike has thousands of acres sprinkled across the area including a few spots in MO just across the state line. Centrally Located and only 1.5 hours from KCI Airport it makes for easy access and affordable travel.

This second experience has me cicking my Lacrosse Boots saying “There’s no place like Kansas, There’s no place like Kansas” because I cannot wait to go back for another GIRLS HUNT OUT! Check out my calendar here for all opportunities to join a women‘s group outdoor activity, and also join the Facebook Group “A Girls Hunt Out“ for events across the nation specifically tailored for women! Take a look at this album and check out the details/status/availability for the 2nd Annual Kansas Turkey hunt for Women here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1431429653781566/ If it’s booked up Mike offers Turkey Hunting the entire season for anyone of any gender! Give him a shout here: Phone: 919-795-2632 Email: WheelersWhitetails@hotmail.com

NEVER to forget everyone that made this possible ~~ I would like to Thank the sponsors for this hunt for their continued support of women in the outdoors, and all the Goodies for the Girls they provided setting the stage for a fun and successful adventure! 

 We support them because they support us!

** Ground Auger Hunting Solutions for the decoy stakes that work PERFECTLY

** Hunter Hills Journal for the beautiful personalized leather journals

** Limbsaver for a variety of stock cushions, hats, sites, and gun slings

** Prois Hunting & Field Apparel for Women for our fabulous Hats and discounts

** LaCrosse Footwear for the discount on some great hunting boots

** Canyon Coolers for discounts on their fine line of coolers

** Mojo Outdoors for the decoys that worked like a charm!


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  1. tommielousnow Reply

    becky this is your mother and I am soooo proud of you and so glad I taught you how to fish and a little hunting. keep up the great work and one of these days I will go on one of your hunting are fishing trips. yeahhhhh your mother

    • Becky Lou Reply

      Goofy Girl! Pack your Bags and lets GO!!

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