Turkey Hunting for TV – Becky Lou



 with Joe Coogan, Benelli on Assignment TV

“As we gathered in Houston, the subject of snakes sneaked into our conversation. Several women in the group were from states that had very few, if any, poisonous snakes, and with a few passing comments we became extremely anxious about the thought of an encounter http://modafinil200mg.net with a rattlesnake. This set the stage for a snake-boot shopping spree. After all, hunter safety should always be top priority” …..Read entire article here at Game & Fish: Girl Hunters Pop Texas Turkey for TV


SEE EPISODE OF Benelli on Assignment with Joe Coogan here! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7d91xAbSKCU

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One thought on “Turkey Hunting for TV – Becky Lou

  1. LeAnn Valenta Reply

    Hi Becky Lou, l would love one day my wife and you met… she loves hunting and hasn’t been able to hunt in 4-5 years.. she has a up coming back surgery but hope you would email her to talk deer hunting. She has four deer on the walls and know she misses hunting very much.
    Neal Valenta
    She also text’s

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