Texas Hill Country Whitetail Hunt for Women


2016 Hunt is on the schedule and there are openings! see details here >> 2016 Whitetail Hunt

Another Girls’ hunt out on record! 4 Women in the Texas Hill Country take 4 beautiful bucks!

Read all about the hunt here in my new column on

 **The WON – Women’s Outdoor News**

HUGE Thank You  to the sponsors of this hunt for donating “Goodies for the Girls”

Hunter Hills Journal * Lacrosse Footwear * Hammertime Wildlife Attractant


Always great to get goodies from the girls from sponsors and friends. Thanx to Lacrosse Footwear, Hunter Hills Journals, and Hammertime Wildlife Attractants for some great gifts!



AndreaBritniePrissy2 - Copy

FojtasekFishing Andrea Havard & Britnie Bordelon posing for a pic on one of the beautiful bluffs on Fojtasek Ranch


AngelleBuck1 - Copy

Angelle was the first to take a buck, and it was her very first buck! What a beautiful buck!


IMG_8391 (1)rvd - Copy

Angelle and I posing with my trashy buck. He was a huge body and 12 scoreable points, mostly on near the bottom of his right crown.




Becky Lou’s Fabulous Buck on the Fojtasek Ranch!

(2016 Hunt is on the schedule and there are openings! see details here >> 2016 Whitetail Hunt


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4 thoughts on “Texas Hill Country Whitetail Hunt for Women

  1. Tricia Bringol Reply

    Kudos to Becky Lou and her works to promote women’s hunting and shooting. Too many women don’t know what they’re missing, not to mention the confidence-building factor involved!

    • Becky Lou Reply

      Thank You Tricia! So true about the confidence factor!

  2. Tricia Bringol Reply

    Oh my! Looking at those awesome bucks makes we SOOOO OF jealous! Lol!
    Congratulations, ladies!

    • Becky Lou Reply

      Thanx Tricia! Wheeler’s Whitetails does have some beautiful Bucks!!

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